Etsy Shop Elevation!

Go from an Etsy shop with just crickets and dust bunnies

to one that makes you bust out in happy-dances from all the new "cha-chings"!

Three years ago, I remember being so frustrated with my lack of orders coming in after putting so much effort into making my painted masterpieces. Low views, no favorites, no sales. But my products were awesome! I just needed to get my work seen by more people. And ranking higher in Etsy searches was one way to do just that. Today, my Etsy shop is revamped and I regularly appear at the top of search results. I get to hear that happy-dance inducing "cha-ching" on a regular basis now!

If you too want to break that cycle of listing items over and over without getting views and sales, you are going to LOVE my Etsy shop Elevation consultations!

Through video or phone chats, come discover actionable tips tailored for YOU to skyrocket your handmade business into making more sales. I only offer a limited number of consultations per month, so book your spot TODAY!

Discovery Call (30 minutes)

Let's get to know one another during an initial phone call or Skype video consultation! This Discovery Call will give you an opportunity to discuss your Etsy shop with me and seek direction on best next steps so you can get orders coming your way! I will review your shop ahead of time and come ready to discuss several topics that matter most to you.

Strategy Session Call (90 minutes)

  • 90 glorious minutes with me guiding you step-by-step on how to transform your Etsy shop into a revenue generating machine.
  • This session saves you time and energy while utilizing my experience and knowledge to help you have a thriving Etsy shop.
  • I will break down the categories of improvement so each task is simple and easy to follow.
  • Find out HOW and WHY I set up my shop the way I do, how I edit listings, and structure my page by diving into the backend of my own shop while I show you behind the scenes on where to click, what to include in each section, and what tools I use.
  • Discover my inside scoop on how to structure your listings to land on the first page of search results and propel people to buy!
  • An audio recording of the consultation so you can listen and absorb the information rather than furiously taking notes.
  • A written summary of actionable steps to improve, customized exclusively for your shop.

Accountability Follow-Up Calls (15 minutes)

This service is only for those who’ve had the Strategy Session Call. During this 15 minute follow-up call, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions so you can work out any kinks and be more successful on Etsy. We'll assess your progress and make adjustments where needed. You may schedule as many follow-up calls as needed.

Pick My Brain Call (45 minutes)

You can Pick My Brain for 45 minutes via a phone call or video chat on Skype. Get answers to your specific Etsy questions, get clarity on how to improve your listings, and get advice on what has worked for me so you too can have a thriving Etsy shop!

Package Deal

1 Discovery Call, 1 Strategy Session Call, 1 Accountability Follow-up Call, 1 Pick My Brain Call.

*Disclaimer: These services are not a guarantee of getting sales on Etsy or increasing profits.

What are clients saying about me?!

"Oh my goodness-I love you! You went above and beyond!!! Thank you so much for all your work, care, and concern-you are the BEST!” ~Elise F.

"I am so impressed with you. You exude confidence, competency, and calmness. I really appreciate that.”  ~Melanie T.

 "I really appreciate your help. I could not do it without you. You are worth a MILLION BUCKS." -Barb M.

“You are so friendly and possess natural initiative. I love your creativity. Your passion and love for helping others is so apparent. I think you are just wonderful!” ~Muriel T.

Meet your Etsy Shop Elevator!

Hi, I'm Sharell (Shuh-rell), creative entrepreneur, Etsy specialist, giver of 110%, and lover of well-branded Etsy shops! After getting my first Etsy sales 3.5 years ago, I was hooked on finding ways to improve my online sales. I scoured the internet, took classes, watched hours of video content, and read thread upon thread of tips from other sellers. I have been featured in magazines, newspapers, and even the local tv news station for sharing my top tips for Etsy sellers.

I'm all about sharing my knowledge with other beginning Etsy shop owners so you too can turn your hobby into a business. And yes, my favorite part about what I do is seeing the success and jump in sales that comes after a consultation with me. By booking a session with me, I'll reveal how you too can become an Etsy master, rank high in search results, and get those sales!